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A big thank you to all my wonderful 'aunts' and 'uncles' who voted for my site in the Lake Dwellers web site competition. I came first in my first battle of the sites and have now moved straight into the Sentry House

So, I would like to thank you all by name:

Argarmo * Azeem (Cape Town, South Africa)

Bob (Cape Town, South Africa)

Carol, (Zurich, Switzerland) Carol Ann (Scotland), Celticld, Connie (Newcastle, Pennsylvania, USA), Cowboy Jim (Mesquite, Texas, USA)

Daddy (Cape Town, South Africa) - Diane, Dianna (Texas, USA), Donna (New Hampshire, USA), Dottie (Chadds Ford, Pensylvania, USA) 

Eddie, Flower Hearts, Frank (New York State, USA)

Gail (Cape Town, South Africa) * Great Aunty Carole (South East London, England)

Jenneaux (Phillidelphia, Pennsylvania, USA), Joan

Karen (West Virginia, USA) * Kendal (Cape Town, South Africa), Kerie (Lodi, New Jersey, USA), Kim (KY, USA)

Lady Shaishana (USA) * Letitia (Cape town, South Africa) * Linda (Jacksonville, Florida, USA)

Maggie (Alberta, Canada), Marie (Ladysmith, B.C. Canada), Maxie (The Netherlands), Molly (Omaha, Nebraska, USA) * Mummy (Cape Town, South Africa)

Nana (Cape Town, South Africa) Naz (Cape Town, South Africa) *Nikkie

Papa (Cape town, South Africa) * Paul (Cape Town, South Africa) * PJ (Texas, USA), Preshus & Marcia (Greenville, Ohio, USA)

Raquel (Philippines) * Roshan (Cape Town, South Africa)

Sandra (Cape town, South Africa) * Shabnem (Cape Town, South Africa) * Shannon (Johannesburg, South Africa) * Siegie (Cape Town, South Africa) * Sylvie (Wales, UK), Sue (Wales, UK)

Uncle Cliffy (Cape Town, South Africa)

Walter (Illinois, USA), Wendy (Melbourne, Australia)

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 Nana thought I was disquallified in Kidz Central, but I actually got out of the Play Pen, passed Story Time and have gone straight into the Game Room. I did it again!

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