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Welcome to my Jungle, where the people are friendly and the animals are tame

Welcome to my country. I was born in South Africa & I live here. I live in Cape Town, the most beautiful city in this country. There is so much to do here. Every weekend I go out to so many different places. There is always something new to see.

Some of my favorite places are: The Scratch Patch in Simonstown, where I can collect the most beautiful gem stones. Simonstown harbour where you can get a ride on a boat; the animal farm in Noordhoek to stroke & feed the farm animals; the aquarium. 

The beaches. There are so many beautiful beaches right near where I live. Boulders beach; Fish Hoek beach; Long beach; Noordhoek beach. I love to hike up the mountains & visit the caves. We live between mountains & have a lot of caves here. My favorite is bats cave. 

The Cape Town Waterfront. The Snake & Crocodile Park; visiting Seal Island on a boat to see the seals. There is also a game reserve nearby where I live where one can see all different African animals. I also enjoy the camel rides in Noordhoek. 

From August to October the whales come into the bay to breed. They come very near the beach & it seems that they know we are watching, because the play & jump out of the water for everyone to enjoy.

Click here to see some of the great places in Cape Town

'Aunt Maggie' gave me this picture. It goes so nicely with the colours on this page. Thank you, Aunt Maggie. Aunt Maggie is Uncle Cowboy Jim's friend

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