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I love animals and am fortunate to have a lot of pets.

We never had a digital camera before, but my mum has just bought one, so when I take some nice pictures of my pets, I will put them on this page.

My first pet is my dog, Sparky. She is a cross Brazilian Terrier. She is a great dog to play with as she loves children. She looks very vicious as times, but will never hurt anybody. Because she looks so vicious, she makes a good watch dog.


My Uncle Cliffy came home one day and gave me a cute kitten that he found abandoned by its mother in one of the fields. She is a black and white cat and I named her Sphinx. The reason her name is Sphinx is because she never lets us forget that cats were once worshipped in ancient Egypt.


Sphinx up in her favorite tree. She always jumps up here to tease Sparky because she knows that dogs can't climb trees.

I was at the pet shop one day and saw a beautiful bird that I wanted. My parents said that I was spoilt and that if I wanted the bird I would have to save for it. I eventually saved enough money and went to the pet store to buy my cockatiel, Chicco.


Chico likes the same tree that Sphinx climbs up. If Sphinx goes near him, he pops her on the nose with his beak.

I could not pass the pet shop without going in to it. One day my Pappa and I were passing the pet store when I dragged him inside. I said I just wanted to look at the little pets. I looked at the hampsters for so long that my Pappa eventually bought me two hamsters, a male and a female. I named them Charley and Chloe. My hampsters have had little babies so many times that I cannot keep counting anymore. My Pappa has to take them back to the pet shop to sell them as we can't keep them all.


We have a pond in our garden with a running waterfall. What good is a pond without fish. So, yes, I have 5 goldfish in the pond.

Thank you Preshus

I got the above quote in an e-mail from Preshus

Jessie's Paw

I got this great award from another internet aunt, Aunt Renee & her dog Jessie. Thanks, Aunt Renee. I love Pikachoo. I have a little Pikachoo toy of my own, too.

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