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Food contains nutrients that we all need to keep us alive and healthy. It helps us to grow, gives us energy, keeps our bodies warm and helps us to fight infection

It is important for us to have a well-balanced diet. We should eat a combination of food that contains some proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals

How people eat their food          Food from around the World


These starchy foods give us energy and warmth


Our body stores up fat to use as evergy and protect us from the cold


Help build a strong and healthy body

Vitamins and Minerals

We need vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy

How people eat their food

In Europe main meals are eaten with a knife and fork

In the USA food is often cut up first and then eaten with a fork

Japanese and Chinese food is chopped before cooking and eaten with chopsticks

In India meals are eaten with the fingers

In the Middle East just the right hand is used

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Food from around the World


Roast beef, served with Yorkshire pudding cooked in the meat juices



Soup, rice and noodles are served in little bowls. Everyone helps themselves with chopsticks


Meat and vegetable curries, a lentil dish called daal, and chapatties


Pizza - with a crisp base and different toppings, and spaghetti - one of the many different shapes pastas


Each dish is beautiful to look at. Sushi is raw fish and rice made into pretty shapes


Food from Mexico is hot and spicy. Meat and beans are cooked with hot chillies. Tortillas are a thick maize pancake

South Africa

The South Africans like to braai (barbecue) Lots of meat with stywe pap (ground maize meal cooked stiffly and eaten with gravy)


The Swedes eat smorgasbord, open sandwiches that may have smoked or pickled herrings on top



Kebabs - meat and vegetables cooked on skewers, with pitta bread that opens into a pocket


Hamburgers and fries are very popular there

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