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Thank you Little Dragon Castle for my win below. I display The Seat of Honor with great pride

Thank you for coming into my Little Dragon Castle Page

I am a proud member of LDC. This is where I have my awards won in Little Dragon Castle and my banners. I belong to the Lake Dwellers group and my LDC name is Dragaon Heart.

I was invited in my guest book to join The Little Dragon Castle. I am so pleased that someone invited me. I enjoy the LDC site. There is so much to see and do. The owners of The Little Dragon Castle are friendly and helpful all the time.

I like it so much there that I told my Nana to also join LDC. My Nana is in the Village Dwellers team and her name is Swan Fairy. I chose that name for her.

Dragon Heart

Little Dragon Castlt


Please also visit my Nana's site by clicking on button below and vote for her in the Village Dwellers if you like her site

Diana's African Dream - My Nana's Site

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