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I have the perfect award for this page. 'Aunty' Joan from Sweden gave it to me. Thanks so much 'Aunty' Joan. I got this award 18 April 2005


Hi, this is the story about me and Cowboy Jim.

Well, me and my horse are walking in the desert. My horse's name is Hoss. I am walking next to my horse because my horse is tired and we are both very thirsty. We have not had any water to drink for almost 2 days. The sun is hot and baking down on us.

Oh, look, what's that? It's a tent and there is someone sitting next to the tent. I wonder if we should talk to him. I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, but I am so thirsty. The man is looking up. He sees us. "Howdy podner. Come on over", he is saying. "Howdy. My name is Kio, and this is my horse, Hoss. We are so thirsty and wonder if you have some water for us to drink." 

"Howdy, my name is Cowboy Jim. Pleased to meet you, Kio. I have some real good coffee going here. Would you like some?"

"Oh, dear. I'm too little to drink coffee. I am only six years old. Is it decaf coffee?"

"Yep, it is". Cowboy Jim looks like a really friendly man.

"Well, coffee will just make me more thirsty. You must have some water. You need water to make coffee. Can I just have some plain water, please?"

Cowboy Jim nods his head. "Yep, have water for you. Here we go. I even have a whole lot of water for Hoss."

"Wow, thanks Uncle Jim. Can I call you Uncle Jim? You are much older than me and I was taught that if someone is older than me I must call him uncle to show him that I respect him. This is what we do in South Africa, where I come from."

Cowboy Jim is looking very confused. "You come from South Africa? How did you get here then, podner?"

So I tell him. "Well, I was walking in the jungle and came across a very angry lion. Just as the lion was about to eat me, I fell into a very deep hole and then found myself walking in this desert. It must be a magic hole or something. Now I am looking for that hole again to take me back to South Africa. Will you help me find it please, Uncle Jim?"

Uncle Jim is going to help me get back home. It is getting dark now and Uncle Jim is making a fire. He is cooking some sausages and beans for us to eat for dinner.

The fire is warm and it is starting to get cold. "Hey, what's that?" Uncle Jim also looks up. "What's what?" I tell him, "There behind that hill! Can you see it?"

Cowboy Jim's story: Read on.....

As Cowboy Jim looks up, he can see the aura that glows behind the bluff.

"That there little pardner is where the white sands part of this desert

lies. At night under the moonlight the sand lights up and glows. I

reckin there we might find that magic hole that will take you home

again. Better get some sleep Kio, it'll be a long ride tomorrow and your

gonna need your rest."

The next morning Kio is awaken to the aroma of bacon and biscuits cookin over the fire. "I'm so hungry I can eat an elephant!" "Well little

pardner, you won't find any elephants out here", as they both share a

little laughter. After eating Cowboy Jim tended to the horses and gave

Hoss a good lookin over. He's never seen a white horse with black

stripes before. As he returns to camp he sees Kio about to put his boots on, "Hold on there little one, better shake them boots out first" Never know what critter crawled up in them overnight. Sure nuff as Kio dumped his boots, out fell a scorpion. "Thanks Uncle Jim, that scorpion would've stung me for sure!"

Saddled up, they rode off headed for the bluff and in search of the

magic hole. On the way they stopped at a giant cactus where Uncle Jim  took out his knife and cut a hole in the cactus. Water began to flow out and taking a canteen he began to fill it up. "This will tie us over til we reach the next water hole."

It was very hot crossing the desert. They could see the heat dancing

over the sand ahead of them. Cowboy Jim kept a slow pace to keep the

horses from getting to hot. Several times they dismounted and walked to give the horses a rest. Uncle Jim shot a rattlesnake and said this will

do for tonights dinner. It was close to sunet when they reached the

water hole. Giving the horses a long much needed drink, Cowboy Jim

decided to set camp here for the night.

After eating the rattlesnake and beans, Cowboy Jim pulled out a guitar

and began to sing cowboy songs. In the distance Kio heard some strange

sounds. "What's that Uncle Jim?" Kio said nervously. "They are coyotes

little pardner, I can never figure out ifin they are singin with me or

ifin my singin hurts their ears and they just howl." Kio felt a little

more at ease and began to howl with them. Uncle Jim just laughed and

went on singing another song. Soon it was time to get some sleep. It was

still a good days ride tomorrow to reach the bluff and another 3 days to the white sands........

Kio's bit.......

Kio wakes up in the morning and smells the sausages. Kio wonders where Cowboy Jim keeps getting all the sausages to eat. He wonders if he might have some pizza's hiding somewhere. Kio likes pizza. Kio goes outside and greets Cowboy Jim. Cowboy Jim is looking a little nervous and keeps looking at the hills. "What are you looking at, Uncle Jim?" "I see some movement there up them hills and I don't like it", says Cowboy Jim. Kio looks up. He sees a few horses with men on them. "Who are they", asks Kio. "Injuns", says Cowboy Jim. "Injuns?", asks Kio. "Yep, injuns", Cowboy Jim repeats. "Injuns?", asks Kio again. "Yep, injuns, I tell you", Cowboy Jim looks at Kio. "You mean indians", says Kio. "Yep, that's what I said, injuns." Kio gives a little smile.

Now Kio's eyes get bigger. The injuns, indians (whatever) are now riding down towards them. Kio starts screaming. AAAaaahhhhhh!!!!! Cowboy Jim starts screaming. AAAAArrggggghhh!!! The injuns, indians (whatever) start screaming. WWwoooooo, woooooo, woooop!!! The injuns', indians (whatever) horses stop and pick up a lot of dust.

Kio's eyes are now even bigger. He is trying to think how he can make the injuns, indians (whatever) friendly. So now he is shouting, "Hakuna Mutata! Hakuna Mutata!"

The injuns, indians (whatever) jump off their horses and start doing a little jiggle and then sing:

"Hakuna Mutata! What a wonderful phrase. Hakuna Mutata! Ain't no passing craze. It means no worries for the rest of your days......"

(Note from the typist. "Hey, this story is coming from a little six year old kid. Kids turn fearful situations into something safe, so please bare with me on this one." (chuckle))

 Cowboy Jim and Kio clap their hands and invite the injuns, indians (whatever) to sit with them. The chief injun is telling them that they are Cherokees. "I am Chief Running Bull. Have you ever met a Cherokee indian before?" Kio is so happy. The chief knows how to say the word indian.

Cowboy Jim rubs his chin. "Yep, I knew a Cherokee. When I was a young boy and lived with my father on the ranch, we had an old Cherokee who helped my father with the horses. He told me some very wise words one evening when we were watching the sunset together." Chief Running Bull was very interested to hear what he had to say. "Tell us, what did he tell you?"

Cowboy Jim felt very honored that he could relate these words of wisdom to an Indian Chief.

"Well, the old Cherokee said. 'Young Jim, there is a battle that goes on inside people. The battle is between 2 'wolves' inside us all. 

One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guild, resentment, inferiority, lies, false price, superiority and ego.

   The  other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility,
kindness,  benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and  faith.'

'I thought about what the old injun was saying for a while and then asked him, 'Which wolf wins?'

'The old Cherokee simply replied, 'The one you feed, young Jim, the one you feed.'

'Well, I thought that he was very clever and knew that I would pass these words of wisdom on to my children and grandchildren."

The Chief is very impressed because he knew who Cowboy Jim was talking about. The old Cherokee that worked with Cowboy Jim's father was his uncle and he knew about these words of wisdom and is very happy that the words had spread so far.

Cowboy Jim is now telling the chief how him and Kio are needing to get to the white sands to find a big hole. Chief Running Bull tells them that they know of a short cut where it will only take them half the time to get there.

Cowboy Jim and Kio are packing up the tent and putting all their belongings on their horses and start riding out with the indians  .....

Cowboy Jim's story: Read on.....

The injuns got skittish when Kio came riding up on Hoss. The Great

Spirits foretold of a mighty horse with strange marking and of a great

warrior who rode upon it. They knew Kio was just a boy who sometimes

made words in a different tongue but never expected he could be the one

the Great Spirits talked about.

Chief Running Bull rode over to Kio and gave him a beaded neckless. He

told Kio he got it from his father who was a Great Chief and he got it

from his father who also was a Great Chief. It has been passed down for

generations and now I give it to you. Kio thanked Chief Running Bull and

said he was honored to wear it, but, shouldn't you give this to your own

son? The Chief told Kio my sons were killed by the Apaches as were all

my other braves. We are all there is now little one as he points around

to the 12 remaining braves.

Cowboy Jim rides over and they can see a look of concern on his face.

What's wrong Uncle Jim? Kio asked. There's a storm a brewin and we best

set out now and seek shelter before it's too late. The Chief can sense

it now also and tells his braves in Cherokee to lead them to a place not


They ride out in single file and don't seem to be wasting any time. Kio

doesn't understand the urgency. He's been out in many rain storms

before. They've gone bout a mile before they could see it. Kio's eyes

grew big with fear and asked, What is that Uncle Jim??? That there

little partner is a sand storm and we better reach that shelter soon.

Kio wanted to turn around and ride the other way. Looking around he

couldn't see anywhere they could go to escape it and they were riding

straight for it!

Just as the storm was upon them they rode into an arroyo. Dismounted and

got their horses laid on the ground and covered up. The sand storm was

very loud as it passed over them and even though it lasted just a short

time it seemed to go on forever. When it was finally over they rode out

of the arroyo and headed for the bluff.

The sense of urgency gone, they rode at a slow pace as puffs of sand

danced around the horses hooves. All along the way, prairie dogs popped

up and down cleaning out their holes. Kio laughed as he watched them.

When they arrived at the bluff, all they could see was shear rock

shooting up to the sky. Riding awhile along the base the braves finally

stopped and climbed off their horses. Just in front of them was a very

narrow crack in the wall.

From here they would have to walk leading their horses in. It was pitch

dark and they had to feel their way along the walls. the brave who was

leading the way used a stick with a tumbleweed attached to it to sweep

the ground ahead in case a rattler was around. Twenty minutes later they

emerged from the crack to a narrow trail that lead up to the top of the

bluff. Again they had to walk the horses cause the edge of the trail was

soft and brittle and one slip you could fall off the edge.

It was a long steep climb to the top with no place to stop and rest. Kio

began to get tired so Cowboy Jim carried him. Not much talk along the

way as the sun was beating down on them and reflecting off the rock

making it hotter. As they reached the top, the trail widened out under a

strand of pine trees. It was there they decided to make camp even though

it was still early in the day.

Cowboy Jim laid Kio down as somewhere along the way the little pardner

fell asleep. The old Chief was tired too as the years began to take a

hold of him and he laid down for a nap also. While the braves went about

getting wood and making a fire, Cowboy Jim saddled up and rode out in

search of meat for dinner. It wasn't long and he was back with two bucks

draped over the saddle. The braves made quick work of skinning the dear

and getting the meat on the fire.

Kio awoke and it didn't take him long to notice that food was being

cooked. He rushed right over to the fire to see if it was ready yet

cause he sure was hungry. How much longer? Kio asked. Take it easy

little pardner, it'll be ready soon. Why don't you go wake up the Chief

and tell him dinner's bout ready. As Kio goes, Cowboy Jim looked at the

brave tending the meat, I reckin that boy would eat 24 hours a day ifin

you put food out in front of him. The brave nodded and laughed in

agreement. After eating, Chief Running Bull wanted to hear about the

faraway land where Kio came from.

Kio's bit.......

Kio's tummy is full. He looks up at the sky and starts to speak. "I have a home in Africa." As he says Africa, clouds gather overhead quite quickly and start to darken. Kio shouts, "A-A-F-R-I-K-A!" The clouds are now swirling up above and descending upon them. Cowboy Jim, Chief Running Bull and his braves look up in fear. Kio is now smiling as the clouds gather around them and then.....

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