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Kio's eyes are huge. "Uncle Jim. I don't even know where we went through the black hole to get here. I wonder if it was in the swirling water that we went through the hole. We were so sad afterwards because we lost the indians and just had our heads down thinking. I'm scared, Uncle Jim. I'm really scared." Cowboy Jim is trying to look brave for Kio's sake, but the sweat is pouring off him in fear. "Uncle Jim?" Cowboy Jim now hears the shaky fear in Kio's voice and looks down at him and smiles. "Yes, Kio?" "Uncle Jim. My Nana has read a lot of dinosaur stories to me and I really like dinosaurs. She taught me that dinosaurs were mostly plant eaters. I really hope Nana is right." Cowboy Jim is thinking on what Kio has said and deep in his mind is thinking, 'Heaven help us. I hope his Nana is right, too.'

Now they hear a swoosh and just above their heads is this huge bird with claws on its wings flying over them. "A Pterodactylus!" Kio is screaming. "Uncle Jim, it's a real Pterodactylus." "Er, yes," Cowboy Jim is responding, "Seems to be one of them, Kio. Don't like 'em claws, though."

Just then they hear a huge roar and both jump in fright. From behind the trees they can see this huge animal with three horns on its head coming straight at them. Close behind this beast is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. "Oh dang," says Cowboy Jim. "I don't know about that being a plant eater. He looks real hungry to me."

Brave Cowboy Jim is only thinking of the safety of his little friend right now. He is not sure how fast this kid can run, so he swoops him up into his arms and is using his sharp senses and darting eyes to see which way he can run to get out of the path of these running beasts before they see them....................

(Cowboy Jim will soon tell us about the terrifying ordeal. Please come back soon to find out what happens.)



Original Web Sets by:  The Unicorns