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I am so proud and happy about all the awards I have received from such wonderful people and want to display them on a happy page. This looks like a happy page for me. Please click on the awards and visit these wonderful peoples web sites. Who knows, if you sign their guest book, you might also get one of these great awards.

These are the first place awards I have won in the Little Dragon Castle competition.

I received my very first award from Sue who lives in Wales in the United Kingdom. Thank you so much, Sue.

Please visit Sue's site by clicking on award below.

Thank you Aunt Sue

Award received 22 March 2005

Award received 10 July 2005

Look at this beautiful award I got from Marcia of Angels that care. Thank you, Marcia.

Award received 30 March 2005


Thank you, Lady Shaishana for this beautiful award below. It really suits me.

Please visit Lady Shaishana's site by clicking on award below.

Award received 29 March 2005

I got this picture below from my internet Aunt Linda, because she knows that I would love to go to Disneyland. Thank you Aunt Linda.

Received 29 March 2005

I got this cute award from Wayne and Marie. Thank you so much Wayne and Marie.

Award received 29 March 2005

I got this great award from another internet aunt, Aunt Renee & her dog Jessie. Thanks, Aunt Renee. I love Pikachoo. I have a little Pikachoo toy of my own, too.

Received 7 April 2005

I got this great Cowboy award for my story about me and Cowboy Jim from Joan who lives in Sweden. Thank you 'Aunty' Joan

Award received 18 April 2005

Thank you, Pepita, for my Award of Gold. My Nana says that it is very difficult to get a Gold Award, so wow, I've done it.

Award received 20 April 2005

I found this beautiful award in my guest book. Thanks 'Aunty' Val. It is so special.

Thank you Aunty Val

Award received 21 April 2005

I got this beautiful Golden Award from Hetty. Thank you 'Aunt' Hetty

Received 22 April 2005

I got this Great Kid sit Award from Kim. Thank you Kim. I love Winnie the Pooh & friends

Thank you Kim

Award received 23 April 2005

Another award I found in my guest book. Isn't it cute? Thank you Maxie.

Award received 24 April 2005

I got this cute award Grandma Moira. Thank you, Grandma Moira.

Award received 8 May 2005

I got this cowboy picture from 'Aunty Maggie', one of 'Uncle Cowboy Jim's' friends. My Uncle Jim has a lot of nice friends who really make me feel special. Thank you Aunty Maggie.

If you click on the award, it will take you to our story.

Award received 16 May 2005

Preshus, Aunt Marcia's pet, found out that I like dinosaurs, so she sent me a dinosaur award. Thanks, Preshus. I am also going to put this award on my dinosaur page

Award received 17 May 2005

Thank you, Marlene, for this lovely award

Award received 4 June 2005



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