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So many people have seen my web pages and say that the pictures are so nice. I would like to say thank you to all the very clever people who make such beautiful sets for us kiddies to use on our web sites. It is not always easy so find nice kiddy sets, so I have a page here for you to go to these people who made such nice things, so that you can also use their graphics. But, remember to always give them the credit on the page that you use their sets. They spend a lot of time doing them and need to get recognized for all their hard work.

If you offer page sets for kiddies, please e-mail me and I will put your link on this page as well.

Kiddy Backround Sets Link Page in my site where I have used the sets
Amreta's Graphic Corner 1.  Awards 

2.  Dedication page for my Internet Aunts & Uncles

Backgorounds by Marie 1.  Fun Stuff  

2.  South Africa

Billy Bear 4 Kids Communication
Carousel Graphics 1. Apply for my Awards

2. Kio and Cowboy Jim

3. Now I am Six

4. This page

Castleberry Arts  
Celtic Heart Creations My Voters
Creations by Carol 2 About Me
Designs by Mitzi Pets
Fantasy Fights Graphics Portal Page
Graphics by All about the Bear Winnie the Pooh
Web Designs by Elizabeth Katman Kio's Library 
Graphics by Elizabeth's Web Egypt
Graphics by Marvelicious Nursery Rhymes
Graphics by Shawna My Family
Graphics by Tangled Web Dinosaurs
Misty Ann Design Site Map

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