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Hi. Thanks for visiting me. If you came for a visit, please e-mail me or sign my guest book so that I can visit your kiddy site, too

Here I am visiting sites

About Me

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Dedication to my Internet Aunts and Uncles

Enchanted Forest

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Kiddy Web Rings

Kiddies Background Sets Links

Kio and Cowboy Jim

Wild West


(Read this great story telling by me, Kio, and Cowbow Jim. Starting in the Wild West, moved on into Africa and soon into the World of Dinosaurs)

Let's Learn Something in Kio's Library

Link Exchange

(Your banners, buttons, quilt squares, site logos and sites)

Little Dragon Castle

My Family

My Overseas Travel

My Pets

Now I am Six (cute poem)

Nursery Rhymes

Thank you for Voting for me


Winnie the Pooh


I went into this lovely site where I could click on pictures and got to the page that told me which child I am. My personality is a Child of the Universe. Click on the plaque below if you would like to see which spirit child you are.

Please also visit my Nana's site by clicking on button below

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