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Dedication to my Internet Aunts and Uncles




I was so excited when my Nana put my site on the internet and she told me that people from all over the world would one day look at it. I didn't understand what she meant until she showed me that a lot of people had written messages in my guest book. Nana told me that these were the people who had seen my site and enjoyed it. I only had a little bit of stuff on my site then and still these lovely really great people said such nice things to me in my guest book. These people are what I am going to call 'My Internet Aunts and Uncles'. I hope that they don't mind. I have made this special page for them and in many years time when I have grown up, this page will still be on the internet, even when I have an adult site one day.

I am now 6 years old and this page will always remind me of my special aunts and uncles who took the time to visit my first site and say nice things in my first guest book.

It seems like it all started with my Aunt Sue, who gave me my first award for my site. Thank you so much, Aunt Sue, for telling all your friends about me. You have shown me so much love by doing this.

I have linked their names below straight to their very own web sites, so that you can visit these nice people, too. If I have put the hyperlink in wrong, please let me know so that I can do it right.

This is my award to all of you, too. I hope you like it. You can have it if you would like it. Maybe you can make it a bit smaller so it does not take up too much space on your page.

So this page is for you:

Aunt Sue from Wales in the United Kingdom. Thank you for my beautiful award and looking at my pictures of when I was in the United Kingdom when I was just a little toddler.

Aunt Linda from Jacksonville, Florida in America. You said that I have seen more of this big world than you will ever see. But, I have never been to America yet. I would love to go to Disney Land, but I will probably have to wait until I am big and earn my own money. It won't be the same when I am big, because I think Disney Land is for little kids like me, but I plan to be a kid for a long time, so will enjoy it one day when I am big, I'm sure.

Aunt Betty from Longview, Texas, also from America. Aunt Betty is 71 years old. Aunt Betty, you know a lot about life and gave me some very good advice. I will listen to all that you say the best that I can. My Nana keeps my full website on her puter, so if I loose anything on the internet, I will still have it on my puter. But it could still get lost if my puter breaks so Nana said that she will put it all onto a cd for me. But, that could get lost, so I will ask Nana to print all of my pages and I will put it into a file. My poor Nana. I am keeping her very busy. Aunt Betty, I don't think you have an internet site as there is no link to one in my guest book. I'll ask my Nana if she will make you your own site and keep her even more busy. But, I know that she would love to do one for you if you would like one. Just e-mail me and let me know.

Aunt Lady Shaishana from America. I went to see your little boy's Castle. I also love dragons and I like disnosaurs, like his friends. He has a lovely Castle to visit with such pretty pages and pictures. Maybe he can help me with my own dragon page and then I can also link to his site from my page. I will send him an e-mail and ask him if he would like to help me.

Aunt Lizzytish from Downunder. When my Nana said you were from Downunder I knew where that was. It is Australia. I know Downunder is Australia because they said so in the movie Kangaroo Jack. My Nana's brother also lives Downunder. He has lived in Sydney for 37 years. My Nana has only seen him 2 times in that 37 years. South Africa and Australia are very far apart. Does Con-Nosotros mean With-Us? Nana knows a very little bit of Spanish and she thinks that is what it means. Her Aunt lives in Spain.

Aunt Marie from Ladysmith, BC in Canada. Nana and I looked in at your site. Nana is trying to make some logos for us to send to you to put on your News page. Thank you for visiting me.

Uncle Jim from Mesquite, Texas in America. I still need to visit your site. I think it is going to be fun because you talk like a cowboy. I went camping with my parents this long weekend. It was my first campout. I will put some picture in of it when my poor Nana gets the time.



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