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Hi, my name is Kio. I live in a village type suburb called Fish Hoek, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Here are a few things about me.

As you have guessed from this background set, I used to like Batman. I have asked my Nana to change this background as I have now grown out of it. I want something with dragons. Nana, are you listening?

I love watching animated movies at the cinema e.g. The last movie I saw was Eragon. Wow! I loved it. Whenever there is a new children's movie on at the cinema, my Papa always takes me to go see it. Sometimes I think that he enjoys the movie more than I do. I also enjoy Jackie Chan movies.

Oh, this is a picture of me below.

Look at this great award I got. Thank you Wayne and Marie.

 Award received 29 March 2005

My first name Kiodah, but everyone calls me Kio
My second name Arteyo
Birth Date Thursday, 4th March, 1999, so I am 7 years old
Birth Place False Bay Hospital, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa
Where I live Fish Hoek by the sea
School Bay Primary School, Fish Hoek
Class Grade 2
My looks Dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes
Dad Ferdi  
Mum Candi  
Sister Hermionie Keena 1 year old
Brother Atreyu Kaenoa 11 months old
Grandfather Papa  
Grandmother Nana  
Uncle Cliffy  
My pets
My dog Sparky Brazilian Terrier
My cat Sphinx Black & white
What I like My brother & sister, fishing, mountain climbing, caves, swimming, the beach, lying on a blanket in the garden at night under the african sky and watching the stars, cycling, buying new toys, dinosaurs, action men, bionicles, crocodiles, snakes, riding camels, boat rides in the bay or to Seal Island, movies, dvd's, videos, Play Station 2, computer games, pizza, yoghurts, biltong, chocolate milkshakes, Coca Cola.  I am a very active kid
What I don't like Tidying away my toys, getting dressed in a hurry, going shopping with my parents
Nonsense things about me I once fell out of a tree and fractured my arm. I have been to Egypt, England and the island of Malta. My great grandfather was born in Egypt. My Nana is half Maltese


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